Ceiling Panels

Add design to your ceiling.

Ceiling panels can be attached on special pins to make it a dropped down ceiling and can be used with pot lights which gives you a nice effect.

Or decor panels can be just attached to a ceiling.

When most people are decorating their homes, the last thing they thing of enhancing is their ceiling. At LaserCutArt, we see ceilings the same artists see canvases: as potential surfaces for art. We can create stunning ceiling accents for any room in your home.

Do you want a panel to hang above your kitchen island that can double as hanging storage for pots or utensils? Or perhaps you are looking for a stylish panel for your dining room that will impress your guests during elegant dinner parties. Or maybe your children would love to look at stars while they go to sleep.

No matter what your design tastes are, we have something for you. With our wide selection of designs and a large choice of colours for the powder coating finish, we will be able to create a ceiling panel that complements the décor theme of your home.

Any of our designs could be used for drop-down decor ceiling. Please let us know which design you like (you can choose a design from any category e.g. privacy screens).

Each panel size is customized per client request.
The panel can be done either from steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Most common thickness is 1/8″ or 3/16″.
However, you can choose any thickness that we offer. (from 1/16″ up to 1″)