Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens & Log Holders

Few things can make a space feel as warm and welcoming as a fireplace, and LaserCutArt can help make your hearth a place where friends and family can gather to spend quality time together. No matter what d├ęcor style you have in your home, we have designs for your fireplace accessories that will create the ambiance you are looking for.

We make our fireplace screens and log holders out of top quality steel, and we powder coat it for a perfect finish that has the durability to stand the test of many years of use. All of our items are custom made to your specifications, so unusual shapes and non-standard sizes are not a problem for us.

You can purchase a fireplace screen that will look stunning in front of a flickering fire or a log holder that will hold the heaviest logs, or you can buy them as a set, in any design and color of your choice.

Please choose a design from any other categorie and we will make a fire place screen from it.