Powder Coat Color Chart

What is powder coating?

Nothing completes a beautiful piece of laser-cut artwork like the perfect coat of paint. The problem is that paint can be messy to work with, it can take too much time to dry, and a single drip or mis-stroke of the brush can ruin the entire effect.

Powder coating gives us a way to create that stunning, finished effect, without any of the hassles, by applying dry paint to the item. Not only does the product look great, but it is also protected from rust, abrasion, heat and the rigors of day-to-day wear and tear. With powder coating, we are able to ensure that your laser cut balcony panels, stair railings, doors and gates, and other products look like stunning works of art for many years to come.

The many benefits to powder coating include the following:

  • The coatings are solvent-free and do not release harmful pollutants into the environment
  • There is no waste: overspray that does not adhere to the part being painted can be retrieved for later use
  • Since the air used for the spray booth exhaust is pollutant-free, it can be recirculated into the factory, without the need to heat or cool new air coming in
  • Powder coating ovens have lower exhaust requirements, which saves on energy costs
  • More products can be painted in a shorter period of time: the product is quick to apply and there is no drying time needed
  • The coating is easy to apply perfectly – it will not run, drip or sag

To find out more about how powder coating adds efficiency to our processes and added style to the finished product, give us a call today.

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