Privacy Screens

These designs can also be used for Pergola as decor wall panels, decor wall inserts or decor roof panels.

Privacy screens can be used indoors or outdoors to do what their name suggests: to prevent people from being able to see into a space. They also provide an easy way to divide up a large space, effectively creating an extra room. In a large back yard, for instance, you might want to separate a barbecue area from the eating area or create a quiet space that can be used as an outdoor office on warm days. Indoors, you can use privacy screens to divide work and play areas in homes, or workstations in open plan offices.

The designers at LaserCutArt are masters at turning these versatile items into works of art that can be admired no matter which side of the screen you are on. For us, the screen is not merely a piece of furniture, it is a canvas upon which we can create stunning pictures and designs. Whether you want a leaf pattern, a picture of an outdoor scene, or custom lettering, we have the creativity and skill to execute your vision perfectly.

Our products are made with high-grade aluminum, steel or stainless steel, and cut with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures absolute precision, even in the most intricate designs. Screens are custom made to order, so you will know that you are getting a product that will be the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

Like all of our products, our privacy screens are built to last. They are sanded and powder coated to protect them from the elements, and from the wear and tear of regular life.

We invite you to browse through our gallery of designs, that represents only a small sample of our work. For more information, or to receive a custom quote, call us today.

Please click on the design and it will open in a larger scale. You can scroll further and choose deign that you would like. At the bottom of each design you will see a number (i.e. 8/20):